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Wednesday LA Social Schedule:  

Date: 03/29/2023

Location: Catch One 

Time: 7:00pm


Team Huddle & Prayer:

  • 7:00 pm (All Scheduled Teams)


  • 7:00 PM

Special Opening Song: 

1. When He Comes Down [150BPM] - Bb

(Click on Songs for Resources)

Special Presentation Song: 

1. Radical and Addicted to the Cause - C

(Solo Song) 

Lead Vocalist: Louise Anne Wyatt

Worship Rehearsal Schedule:  



TWLA Worship Directors: 

Music Director: Felipe Saenz

Worship Leads Director: Louise-Anne Wyatt

Vocal Director: Elena Hernandez

Band Director: Felipe Saenz

Sound Director: Gabriel Avalos

Worship Coordinator: Louise-anne wyatt, James Magana & Jair Castaneda

TWLA Musicians:

Drums: Rudy Torres

Bass: Estevan Zarza

Keyboard 1: Matthew Brown

Keyboard 2: Felipe Saenz

Playback Engineer: Felipe Saenz

Acoustic Guitar: Lauren Alleshouse

TWLA Singers:

Mic 1 (WL): Louise Anne Wyatt

Mic 2 (WL): Aselina Tatiano

Mic 4: Ariana Magana 

Mic 5: Will Deluca

Mic 6: 

Mic 7: 

Special Opening Song:

When He Comes Down

Mic 1 (WL 1): Elena Hernandez

Mic 2 (WL 2): Aselina Tatiano

Mic 4: N/A

Mic 5: N/A

Mic 6: N/A

Mic 7: N/A

Special Presentation Song:

Radical and Addicted to the Cause

Mic 1 (WL): Louise Anne Wyatt

TWLA Sound Team:

FOH Engineer: Gabriel Avalos 

Monitor Engineer: Daniel Rubidoux

Logistics Tech: Estevan Zarza

Mic / W.D. Engineer: Daniel Rubidoux

Stage / Network Tech: Estevan Zarza



Planning Center


Check In to Planning Center Online:

  • To confirm attendance and availability

  • To view the full service flow outline

  • To see and connect with the entire team

PRIME Setlist App

Prime Photo.PNG

To Use Prime Setlist App:

  • Open app and press the red "SYNC" button to download the week's setlist

  • If "error" message encountered, please delete the setlist entirely from your device, and re-download 

  • Enjoy! And please reach out to our PRIME team if you have any questions or concerns!

Sceduled Teams
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